Sunday, September 2, 2007


I was just scrolling through my blog and noticed that it has been overrun by craft projects. LOL I promise, I don't LIVE in my craft's just my passion.

But, since LB is in school full day now, I'm going to have to get a "real" job. My carefree days of enjoying myself are screeching to a halt.

Any ideas? I already know (sigh) that I won't do food or sales...I've had enough of the former and I completely stink at the latter. I should call the Education office (I know, I know...I've been saying this for months now) Tues and have them "counsel" me. I'm only 3 credits away from my AA. And maybe the school has something to offer....A girlfriend of mine mentioned being a Teachers Assistant. Heck, I'd even be a lunch lady if the hours are good. I have GOT to be home by 3:15. My "REAL" job begins then.

Love, Ang

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Dina said...

Hey, I dig the stuff you do and I know you don't live in your craft room! Now that LB's in school, take advantage of that time to finish your AA -- a check-paying job can wait ;)