Monday, September 10, 2007

Knock....and a door will be opened.

Well kittens....guess what?!?

I was up at our local library chatting with the librarian and offhandedly mentioned "So, how does the library fill positions?" And she said..."Well, you know we desperately need a re-shelver right now. But for Tech positions we hire online."

You could feel the breeze from six feet away as I ran over to the head librarian for an application. Came home and filled it out. Went back and was told that the Branch manager will be there in 45 minutes to meet me....would I like to wait. So I schmoozed and said "Well then, let me volunteer 45 minutes of my time...What can I do?"

He wheels out a cart of books and when it was empty I met the branch manager. LOL I made it a point to introduce myself to every employee there. I want this job soooooo bad. It's not a glamorous position....but it gets me in the door. PLUS it allows me to see exactly what being a librarian is all about before I drop Papa's hard-earned money on a degree. The hours are great 9:30-1ish (Very flexable) for four days a week. I can do that on my head. And if I have to take Mondays or Fridays off for school holidays, I get a good vibe that I can just shuffle the work week.

Wish me luck.

PS I'm going back tomorrow to volunteer an hour. I want them to see so much of me they think I work there.


Jeanne said...

How could they pass up someone like you - smart, funny, you'll show up on time, AND YOU love books. I'll think good thoughts.

Dina said...

You see where those little steps took you? I'm proud of you!