Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Wrap-up

Been a busy week.

1. I volunteered all week and was told by one of the librarians that he was going to personally take my application over to the Grand Pubah of Library hiring. He also said that he was going to figure out a way to "fast track" it. We'll see what that means. I'm trying to keep it least until they "officially" hire me...After that I'm going to freak out and *happydance*. I'm scared of jinxing it.

2. We're going on our first camping trip this summer. Papa FINALLY got a WHOLE weekend off. *gasp* I think we're going up to Bryce/Zion region in Utah. Pictures to follow.

3. LB's been getting 100's on his spelling tests and doing well academically...Which makes up for his constant talking and crazy behavior. I took him to the eye doctor this week (he's complaining of headaches) and he's a "chip off the ole block" according to the doc. He has an astigmatism and is a little more farsighted than his peers. The doc said that he can see fine, just that reading may cause the eyestrain/headache.

I'll get the glasses because I'm a parent. But he sees fine whenever he concentrates/plays on the computer/X-Box. It's only when he has to do homework or practice reading that he gets these mysterious headaches. I think it's 1 part eyes...three parts drama. We'll see.

That's all our news. We're happy and healthy and headed outdoors.'ll rain.

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Dina said...

What a busy week! Great to hear that PB has some family time ... and hope you hear some good news from the library and that LB doesn't mind the glasses :)