Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Moving on up...

We're a movin' on up,
To the east side.
To a de-luxe apartment, In the sky

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We bought this cage through Craigslist a few months ago thinking we "needed" a bigger bird. It sat outside and I'd take Sunshine out for a little fresh air. But other than that, we didn't use it.

Well, we've decided that we don't "need" a bigger bird, we should appreciate the one we have. So I cleaned the dust off and brought it back inside.

New toys and a little paper from the shredder....she's good to go.

I do need to get a few more metal bowls and make a drape cloth for it. The cage is metallic, so I was thinking on getting a few yards of that blackout shade material (at the next fabric sale) and sewing magnets into a casing. That way we can at least get her to sleep in past 6:30am. :o)

I am so happy we moved her. She used to be able to walk around on our breakfast bar and I never could keep her confined. Now, she only wanders around and on top of her cage and is always ontop of paper. KWIM?

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closeup of her in the cage.

I told Papabear that since she's so little (notice her by her blue bowl) we need another cockatiel to "fill up" the cage. He, needless to say, was not moved by my plea. *laugh*

Love, Ang

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