Monday, July 2, 2007

POP! Goes the weasel

Blowout + 80mph = Scary Time .

Papa took us to the beach for 4th of July. (Last year was such a fun time.) He thought he could wait on new tires for a couple months.

According to him, the tire "threw a weight and the wobble heated up the tire and (with the 100+ temp) melted it."
So, in the true spirit of lemonaid from lemons, I aquired some front row training in changing spare tires. I was excited and thankful that Papa was there....He, on the other hand, was just annoyed.

My hero.......

We also passed a town called "Santa Margarita".....Wow! If anything can make me religious it's the fact that Margaritas are Sanctified!! *Snarky laugh*

Love you!

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Dina said...

Ooh, we haven't experienced one of those yet ... knock on wood.