Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Birthday USA!!!

I'm such a lucky duck! Mom/Dad invited everyone over for dinner and CAKE!!

Jenny, Chris and the boys came over too. Here's a great shot of Jenny. I'm giving my best "dork face." Papa had snapped a good picture and was setting up for the next shot. So I dorked out. Little did I know that the ONLY picture he took was the dork face one. Oh well. It's a great shot of Jenn.

After dinner we took off to the beach for fireworks. Brrrr. The whole country is sweltering. And if you read last month, you'd know how the beach gets when it's hot inland. We froze. The boys had a great time. And we had fun BSing. But I am so glad I borrowed Mom's long underwear! Zura (the lady in the plaid blanket) came up with Jenn/Chris to watch the fireworks. Her hubby is in Iraq for four months. Keep him in mind when you think about the safety of our troops.

J always takes such cute photos. Here's one of him playing in the sand.

And one of the older boys.

We couldn't see the fireworks from Pismo Pier, but everyone around us had fireworks going off. So even if we didn't see the big ones,we did have a show. *Shrug* oh well. Maybe next year.

Love, Ang

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Dina said...

I so miss the beach! Thanks for the photos!