Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Birthday, ME!!

Ugh...the big three-five, er two-nine again. *cheezy grin*
More misery to follow. (and a few pictures)
(Later 08Jul07)

It's been a few days and I'm not quite so upset about turning 35. For a while there I was really feeling bad. I kept comparing myself to my Mom at my age. By 35 my Mom had a 15, 11, and 8 yr old. She had already bought and sold two houses, and was working as a medical secretary.

I felt so unaccomplished. Then I got to thinking about how much we've seen and done over the last 12 years and how lucky I am that I GOT to stay home with my little one. I know it all averages out, but it kind of overwhelmed me for a while. It did resolve me to contact the Education people next week. This phase of my life is quickly ending.

Moving on: When Papabear asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday this year, I only had one thing to say: "Take me to the Melodrama" So we went. (Thanks Mom for setting that up!)

Davy Crockett

June 14 - September 22
An authentic 19th century melodrama featuring Davy Crockett- King of the Wild Frontier! More legend than truth, this play centers on the plain spoken, no-nonsense American hero whose motto was "Be sure you're right then go ahead!" Young Davy falls in love with a beautiful society lady, but class distinctions, greedy villains and the threat of blackmail may keep the young lovers apart. The wolves are literally at the cabin door in one of the scenes of this exciting play! There are loads of opportunities to cheer our great young hero, boo the villain and laugh yourself silly in this wonderful frontier drama!

(Ang again) This year we sat on the right side seats "I-M" and we took Littlebear. I had a BLAST! Littlebear got a little fidgety during the play, but perked up during the scene where the wolves are banging on the door to get in. After that he figured "Hey, theater is cool."

I think he liked the Vaudeville Review more than the play. The actors did little songs/skits about being at the beach. It had a lot less dialog and cuter costumes. And, to be honest, I enjoyed it more too.

I found a magnet from the play we saw last year (The Minute Men...yay!) I'd like to write the company and see if I send them $5 would they mail me a magnet from this play too. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.

If you ever get to Oceano/Pismo, make sure you stop in this place. It's very informal and VERY fun. I think I'll have to make a tradition of this.


Dina said...

Damn, I missed it! Happy Belated Birthday! You have accomplished more than you know :)

What a great night at the theater!

Jeanne said...

Happy belated birthday. And if you think 35 is bad, just wait till the old year-ometer goes over 60. After a while you just forget about it and soldier on.