Sunday, July 29, 2007

A week in the 1800's

Papabear is out enjoying the pleasures of humid/hot Texas per Uncle Sam's request. Therefore I've got the remote control utterly under....well....erm....control.


I've gone online to Netflix and ordered every Jane Austen, BBC, Masterpiece Theater, Dickens, Bronte DVD series I could. I plan to do a lot of sighing and a little crafting this week.

I just finished watching (Online) "The Duchess of Duke Street." Loved it! I usually see this era through the upper was a pleasant experience to watch it through the "people of service's" eyes. I've also learned about the BBC show "Upstairs/Downstairs" and have that in my Queue.

The only downside to this gluttony of Anglophile-ism is that I'm saying things like "Beastly" and "Ever so much" more often.

*sigh* Oh well, Papabear will put me in my place when he comes home. He'll no doubt make me watch that beastly *wink* Hollywood drivel and wipe all romantic notions out of my head. *laugh* It's for the best. The neighbors and our friends think I'm strange enough as it is. No sense adding more fuel to the fire.

But it is jolly good fun to be eccentric.

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Dina said...

I wish I could hoard the TV to myself for just two days and catch up on the Netflix! Sounds like you have lots of TV time for yourself with the period movies -- I love watching those, too :)