Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sirmione - Date Day

I have a hard time justifying "Date Night." We spend so little time together as a family...I don't want Littlebear to miss out on "Daddy time" because I want to go watch a crappy movie. So, we just don't do it.

That's why I'm so happy to date during the day. The ONLY good thing about this job is that Papabear has days off during the week. That creates plenty of opportunities to have Date Days.

Here's our first: Sirmione. Total tourist trap! But it was fun to practice my bad Italian and ask questions about it in English.

My best friend!

I love castles. I know that buildings are made the same way today....brick by brick. But there's something magical about finding all these rocks....and putting them together by mass production of bricks or use of cranes.

Sirmione is built on a peninsula so they had great views from every window.

I debated on whether to crop this or leave it alone. It's a great picture of Papabear....but you lose something of the surroundings. So I left it.



It's hard to believe that this was only 25-30 minutes away. We had such beautiful weather too! Our next date day is to Milan (LOL eventually we'll get to see that Duomo. We've planned it three times already)

Love, Ang

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