Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happiness is...

Baby Yarn.
Yes, I know I have sooo much yarn already. But most of it is wool and the other half is sock yarn. And if you've ever been around a baby, you'll know that their clothes are washed over and over. So I decided to make my baby sweaters out of a washable/dryable acrylic yarn. I really like the way this feels. Not at all like the scratchy Redheart yarn.

Speaking of that Redheart yarn. It's being knit up into a crazy afghan. And I LOVE the results.

Here's another little babyhat I just churned out. My girlfriend on Facebook asked for a babyhat for her best friend's daughter. So I added a bar of chocolate for them to share and mailed it out. :o) (More of my grandmother's yarn. I had been hording a way to hold on to her. But I know I'm alot like her. And I'd want my granddaughter to use up my stash. -I miss you, Grandma!)

Love, Ang

1 comment: said... work won't let me see the pics!...waaaa.
Anyway, I just had to call you today about the right foot trick.
Even IF I am at work!!
Love you,