Thursday, March 12, 2009

Audi Update

I defy anyone to ever again make fun of my Positive Attitude/Pollyanna Mentality again!

As you know, they found our Audi. Today we went over (40mins away) with the interpreter and picked it up from the police/impound center. We were told it "has damage" so I thought: "Oh crap, they wrapped it around a pole."

Imagine my shock when I saw it in one piece! It looks like they hit something on the passenger's front. (They use stolen cars to "knock over" ATMs, cigarette machines, Soda Machines and take the contents/money) According to the mechanic, it needs a new arm (?) that comes off the axle and holds the tire on there, a radiator, new tires (they blew up the origional one, then drove it to shreds, ruining the rim), a new back tire (bubble) and some cosmetic body work.

Now, if you ever feel that the world is unfair....I want you to remember this:

The car was not even the police had been through it. I, timidly, opened the trunk to find (thankfully not a dead body) ........................All of the missing paperwork. Littlebear's Birth Certificate, Military Paperwork, Moving Paperwork, Papabear's Medal paperwork, etc. I haven't been through the entire car (under the seats, glove box, back of trunk) but I still hold out hope that there's another surprise in there just waiting for me!

I was so emotional that I broke down sobbing and clutching LB's birth certificate to my chest. It's been a VERY hard two months trying to maintain faith for this moment. EVERYONE told me horror stories about stolen items. I am so glad I kept my faith in positive thinking. Again, nobody will ever again convince me that it's New Age bunk.....

Papabear said it'd cost the same amount of money to buy a new to fix up this car. So we're going to be "assaulted" again with repair bills....for what?! the 300 (tops) dollars they got robbing machines or whatever....I know they didn't get the 1000 Euros that it'll take to unimpound, towing, storage, fix the heap. But the way will always work out.....I now know it.

I'm mentally wiped out for the day, so I'll let you go. I just wanted to inform you of our good news.

Happy Birthday, Papabear!
Love, Ang

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