Monday, February 23, 2009

Review and Assessment

I've been on a yarn diet for about two years now. (It's not really a "DIET" more of a "Lets not buy so much") But, in fairness to me, I have tried really hard to knit out of my stash. So about once every four months I pull it all out and see what I have.

Before you look at the pictures, you'll need to sign a contract.

I __(State your name)____ promise to NEVER tell Papabear what I'm about to witness. Furthermore, I will never ask Ang about the size of her yarn stash in front of Papabear.


Good! Now that we have the formalities out of the way....let me show you what I've got.
As you can see..I had a hard time getting it all in one shot.

I finally sorted it all into:
Bin 1: Sock yarn and Acrylic mismatched smooth
Bin 2: Wool, Novelty Yarns, Crochet Thread

You can see all the sock yarn I own (much more than I realized) at the foot/back of the bed. I'm going to give myself a break and finish up all my found dishcloth yarn before I start another pair.

Packed Away w/Romeo

Here it is all in bins. I used to be able to hide these under my spare bed...Nomore! We have our old waterbed underdresser under the queen that was our sparebed. Our Kingsize didn't make it to Italy.

Papabear TRIED to convince me to keep both bins down in the garage. But after the fifth trip down there I decided...*laugh* well you see where they are.
Anyway, I'm doing good today. Enjoying the quiet house.
Love, Ang

PS That is Romero, the dog we're watching for a month. He's a sweet dog, but VERY high energy and OCD about the Cat. I have to physically block doors (I can't close them otherwise Patches will cry and make him even more spastic/whiny) to keep these two apart.
I've tried all of Ceasar Milan's tricks...a Spraybottle, Smacked him with a slipper....NOTHING works on this dog. I think that if he was ours...we'd have to rehome him. I've only got three more weeks of babysitting.

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