Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh crap, I lost the dog!

*Laugh* it's not that bad. But I am buried in boxes. They delivered it all on Monday. (Also the only truly sunny day we've had in the last two months! Thanks Universe!) Papabear was home on Monday/Tues to help me with the worst of it.

Of course Littlebear's room was the first thing to unwrap. Then the living room (TV) and the Kitchen.

Today I'm tackling the Computer/Craft/Library/ Closet (Europeans don't "do" built-in closets so we have stand alone closets) room because I was told (At 5:30am) that I need to make 20 Valentine's day cards. FOR TOMORROW! Last week we went up to Vicenza looking for Valentines cards. The only ones I saw were some Hannah Montana ones. ( So I thought "I guess they don't do a huge TAH-DO about V-Day in school" and promptly forgot all about it.

Until this morning. Gah!

As for moving:

I'm going to remember the old adage about "Not saying anything...if you can't say something nice." about the packers.

I found my spices individually wrapped in a box of kitchenware and all of my wood/ceramic picture frames just shoved in a box.

My craft cabinet was just taped shut and sent. I have eyelets, buttons, and ribbon scattered .....oh wait! I said I wasn't going to say anything mean. Then I guess I'm not even going to mention the crushed dining room chair...or....wait! I'm doing it again. (laugh)

LOL everything's coming along. I've lost the dog twice. He likes to sleep in empty cardboard boxes. *eyeroll*

Love, Ang

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