Thursday, February 12, 2009

Angie Dolittle

What is the last thing I need....even more than a dog before I move to Italy?

A dwarf hamster. (click here to see) I'd post a picture....but....ya know.....the whole robbery thingy.

We met a lady with twin girls a few weeks ago. Obviously Littlebear impressed them because they asked if he would adopt their hamster. They're three weeks from moving back to the states and couldn't take him.

He's VERY tame...and I'd like to keep him that way. Littlebear's still too rough with animals for me to trust him with the hamster in his room. So we're keeping "Chewy" out in the living room.

We've ALSO agreed to watch our friend's dog while they're in the states. "Romeo" is a Jack Russell Terrier. And boy is he active! "The boys" wrestle all day long. And when he's not wrestling, he's whining. My dog may snore and rattle the rafters...but I'll take that above whining. But's a new house. So I'll just quit whining (grin) about it.

I'm chewing through the boxes pretty quick. They're up to my knees now.

Love, Ang

PS Patches is all kinds of pissed off. She went from TOP one of four. LOL!

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