Thursday, January 22, 2009

22Jan (I'm not uber creative today)

Had a great day yesterday!

Papabear and I headed up to the big Army base to take care of some business and did the mandatory BX/Commissary run.

I found four long-sleeved shirts for Littlebear on the clearance rack. (4bucks each) His Las Vegas wardrobe was not cutting it in 35+ temps. So now he's all good-to-go for winter. If only he wouldn’t lose his gloves.

After I hit the Library (I lost my phone in there. Had to call up there this morning and beg them to mail it back to me...DRAMA!!) we had a meeting with LB's teacher and Speech teacher. Lemme tell you...

I AM SO GLAD TO BE BACK INTO A DODDS SCHOOL! His MALE teacher and I were on the same page about discipline and academically challenging Littlebear. As bad as I disliked his past teacher, I love this one. It's going to be a great rest of the year. I’m so glad we had “School” during his winter break. Mr. F said that LB is right up there with his classmates. What they’re doing now we LEARNED over that break: Double digit addition, fractions, telling time, geometry. It’s good to know that my incompetence didn’t negatively affect him.

While we were in the BX and putting $$ into Littlebear's lunch account, I talked with the Italian cashier. I guess she's a lapsed knitter and wished I was closer so we could get together and knit. So, of course, I asked her about a local yarn store. So we grab the directions and, without much hope in my heart, headed over there.

I could NOT believe this store!!! Half of it was yarn (good, animal fiber redheart on the premises) and the other half was Crosstitch, Crafting, and Fabric. I’ve never seen floor to ceiling bins filled with so much variety. And the prices were REALLY reasonable.

I about peed my pants with excitement. I know the proprietor thought I was loco.

Anyway I picked up some German sock yarn (OMG the price was half of what it is in the states.) and am scouring the web for a good shawl pattern. I'm so jazzed! I’m going to start setting my pennies aside and load up my stash with sock yarn. It sure beats paying $18.50 for it in the States!

Came home and realized that my phone was missing. OH CRAP! Called it and didn't hear a thing. So this morning I called everywhere we were yesterday and was hoping an honest person found it. I guess it dropped out of my purse when I in the Library looking at the card catalog. (computer) The guy I talked to said he'd have to ask his boss, but he thought they could mail it to me. I'd go up and get it, but that's an hour’s drive one way...a quarter tank of gas...and 12 bucks in tolls.

It can wait for two weeks until I have to go up again. But let’s all just send the positive thought out that he'd slip it in an envelope and take it over to the mailbox. We have free military PO box to military PO box shipping here. VERY handy.

As soon as I find out where I put my old blogposts from the hotel, I'll load them up. Be warned...they're pretty dark. I've come to my positive outlook by shedding a ton of tears. LOL!

Love you all,

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