Thursday, November 6, 2008

Knitted Key Kozy and Pugly's sweater

Now that the weather has started to turn (we're freezing with 50degree days) I knit Pugly a sweater. (All hail the yarn stash)

He's not too keen on it...but it's stopped him from shivering. Ha! at least it's not pink.

I did learn a lot from this project. The next one I'll make will have a longer neck and a shorter back. it gets floppy around his butt. I may also stick some skulls on it. Ya know, to look "Manly" *laugh*

Pugly's sweater

I was also told that my little key sock stunk! (it's the white one on the left.)

key sock
I had to knit up a sock because the little plastic piece that kept it on the keyring broke off and I couldn't figure out how else to keep it with my keys.

I loved it, but Papa couldn't figure out which side the buttons were on. So I knit up another with a little window in it. It fits better, so I guess it was worth my time. Gosh I'm handy. *smirk*
Love, Ang

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