Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weekly Wrap up!

Here's my list of weekly crazy:

Last Thrs
-Littlebear ranked up in Cubscouts! He's now a Wolf Scout. Their book is so cool! I can't wait to do this stuff with him!

-I gave my Letter of Resignation. Boy did THAT break my heart! Thankfully I found my "goodbye book" and brought that in for everyone to sign.
-I also caught something that's been going around the library/ I've been doping up on the Dayquil.

-(you're going to crap your pants) But let me start at the beginning. 8pm and I've just put LB to bed.

*Brrrrrring, Brrrring*
Papa: "Hey Babe, I'm at the neighbor's...come over."
Me: "No way Jose'. I'm tired and watching a movie."
Papa: "Just come over, it's important."
(This goes on for about 5mins)
(Ang grumps...takes off jammies.....redresses....and goes over to neighbors)
And guess what I found?


Then this bomb was dropped on me. "Honey, he's a stray....You just say the word and we'll keep him...if not, we'll take him to the pound."


I guess some guys found him in the parking lot of that big store across the street from us. And were driving around the neighborhoods looking for the owner. They gave the dog to Papa and Mr. Richard and drove off.

No collar and Papa took him to Petsmart to see if he's chipped. He wasn't and after Littlebear got a look at know where this story is going.


I have a dog. The people at Petsmart gauge his age about a year to a year and a half. He's wicked sweet and great around kids/dogs. He has an appointment next week to get snipped, shots, and a physical.

The down side is that whoever had him before....did NOT work with him. He's not housebroken, or leash trained, does not sit, dashes out any open door (he does come back), jumps all over furniture, chases cats (Oh that's a story in itself), and cannot tolerate being alone. So, basically, we're starting from scratch.

Ha! And Papabear laughed at me for always watching the "Dog Whisperer" Now who's laughing?! We're treating this like an unplanned pregnancy. You're not expecting it, but are really glad once it happens.

More to follow...Kate's coming over tonight and I've got a few more chores before Cubscouts.

We're heading to the Rennaissance Faire this last one *sniffle.*
Love, Ang

P.S. I AM the packleader.

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