Monday, October 13, 2008


Kate came to pick up Sunshine this weekend. Thankfully she's going to babysit her for the two years we're in Italy. I honestly don't know what I'd do if she couldn't do it. Thanks Kate!!

I'm going to wait till I'm in bed to cry about this one....

We did lots of chatting and last minute bonding. Here's some pictures. I didn't get many of Kate. Infact, I didn't take many at all. :o(

Everyone loves a cuddle!

I've never seen such a cuddly/nap lovin' dog.

I DID try to start off right....with the dog sleeping in a basket. But somehow I was undermined. I was told if the cat can sleep up there, so can Pugly. *eyeroll*

The pug is getting better about his manners. He's also better on the leash. He loves his walks....and I LOVE to have someone who wants to walk. Win/win.
Love, Ang

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