Friday, April 25, 2008

Checkin' In - 25 April 08

Hey everyone,
From now on I'm just going to assume that you know my life is crazy. It seems like I'm saying "What a crazy week!" every week.

Let's get to it!


Here's what I walked into earlier this week. Sunshine spends about 75% of her time OUT of the cage. If we're home, she's out. The downside to this is that she likes to roam about. I was curious to see how they'd act around each other. Patches just ignored her. (too much effort) And Sunshine ran over to me and cheeped to be picked up. This was too scary though, I'm going to lock her up whenever I leave the room for long periods of time.

Take yer kid to work

Thursday was "Take your child to work" Day. I dressed him so nicely...combed his hair...and TOTALLY forgot to bring my camera. So when we had to head back up to the library for Art Class, I snapped this staged picture. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell all of you that I signed him up for an Art Appreciation class through the Library....FOR FREE!!! I love the library!

I have also come to realize that my job is NOT that exciting to anyone but me. Littlebear loved looking at all the books, but spent more time on the computer than sorting with me. We did have fun putting away all the baby books.....But now I KNOW there's a reason I dump him off at school. I couldn't concentrate and watch him at the same time. Kinda frustrating for me....ya'know? But I was sooooo excited to have him there. I've always dreamed of doing this!

Family Crest

Papa's parents gave us a plaque with our family crest on it. (They're downsizing into our house...LOL!) I just LOVE this thing. It's right by our front door and it tickles me whenever I pass it.

I've been deep thinking ways to turn it into a campground flag for our camper. I talked with a Cub Scout pal of mine and he has some heavy flag like material that he wanted to show me. I think know I'll be able to applique the design on it. I just need to find an opaque overhead projector to enlarge it and create a pattern for the shapes. Worse case scenario, I can print it in black/white onto an overhead transparency....then use the Library's overhead projector. But I'd really like to skip that step. I'll keep you updated on if I finish this's going to be tricky.

Mickey Bag

*sheepish grin* All those boxes of fabric that I said were going to make it to're still in my craft room. I just COULDN'T part with it. I've been knitting a rag rug with the little bits of fabric.

I had these great scraps of Route 66 fabric that I used to make Papabear boxers with....and I wanted to make a plastic bag bag with them. I had almost made up my mind to head out to JoAnns.....then I remembered the boxes. I love this fabric and never wanted to cut it up. I'm so glad I did! I made this bag with half of it and a bag for Littlebear with the other half (Who knew that he loved Mickey Mouse??!?!)

I've had this awesome sewing machine for at LEAST six years. And I have never used the buttonholer. What a groovy attachment!!! I'm hooked on them now!

Everything for this project came from my stash (All hail the stash!) I even raided my button lamp for the speciality button.

Modified Knitting gear

I crossed the invisible boundaries of my house to do the unthinkable.....I altered my craft hardware!!! With Papabear's Power tools!!! *gasp!*

I love these hardwood needles...but they were always about an inch and a half too large for my on-the-go knitting bags. Same with the crochet hook. I wanted a "tool box" that fit into a film canister (all hail the stash for the film canister...I haven't bought film in six years!)

I used the vice to hold them and a hacksaw? to cut them and grinded off the rough edges with an electric sander. I used a pencil sharpener for the knitting needles. A quick coating of antique wax and I was finished. I couldn't believe it was that easy! The whole time I had to remind myself that:
a) the craft police were not going to care if I altered my tools and
b) if I messed it up, I could always go back into my stash and start over with one of my MULTIPLE identical needles. (Sheesh Ang)'s made me much more confident about modifying things in my environment to suit my needs. Also, it's given me a thirst to learn woodworking. Papabear has a whole garage full of woodworking tools (thanks to parent's downsizing) and I have a sinking feeling that If I want something made...I may have to do it myself. Hoooyah! Girl Power!

Well....that's all my news this week.
Let me know if you have any good ideas about my craft projects. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Love you!

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