Friday, April 4, 2008

A/B Honor Roll-2nd Trimester

Trimester2 Honor Roll 2008

Littlebear was awarded the A/B Honor Roll again this trimester. His grades didn't vary too much.

T1: 89.1%
T2: 88.2%

T1: 80.0%
T2: 80.4%

T1: 88.4%
T2: 88.5%

T1: 91.4%
T2: 90.7%

Social Studies
T1: 94.2%
T2: 91.4%

His teacher writes:
Littlebear shows an interest in everything we are learning. He is maintaining grade level in Reading and is working well in all subject areas. He has shown great improvement on Accelerated Reader and enjoys this program. We are working on increasing comprehension in small reading groups. In the third trimester, we will focus on increasing vocabulary in writing and we will explore different genres of writing from non-fiction to poetry. Littlebear takes a keen interest in all of his work and has shown growth in all areas. We will be working on making good behavior choices and practicing classroom rules while working independently during centers. He will work on staying focused on his classwork and not disturbing others. Littlebear is a very capable child.


My heart thrills to hear about his "keen interest" in school. I'd rather have him excited about learning than good grades. Fortunately, he has both!

Poor little guy just can't keep his yapper shut and his butt in his chair. I thoroughly understand. Talking was my Achilles heel too.

Good job Littlebear!!
Love, Ang

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