Thursday, March 27, 2008

Renfaire News

*Deep Breath*

LOL I kid you not! This is the first time I've been able to sit down and blog. It's been such a busy week.

Lets start at the beginning.

Last Thrs we (LB and I) took off for the RenFaire in AZ. I was still breaking my fast and was so good all the way down there. Then Kate made Taco Salad for dinner....PFEWWWW! my diet went downhill. I couldn't resist. LOL!

Being with Kate is always so much fun. We stay up late talking and I'm able to refill my "girl" batteries. She is SUCH a girlie girl. She has all of the latest gadgets....and isn't scared to try them out. She let me play with her Hair Dryer/curler and now I want one in the worst way! What an easy way to get volume and curl....

The RenFaire was superb. (As always)


We couldn't get over the green grass outside of her apartment. Littlebear LOVED to roll down the hill.


Of course we went to the Ded Bob Sho. Papabear and I used to see him at the CO RenFaire during the mid 90's. We didn't see him work the crowd this year (I wanted a picture with him) like he used to do. I guess he's more famous now.....*sniffle*


Taking the Ded Bob Oath.


The Joust! Jousting pictures are soooooo boring. SO I'll just show you which knight our section cheered for. He didn't win....the PIRATE knight (Yes, there is a really lame backstory to this one) won. But ours did look the coolest....and honestly, isn't that what matters?


We saw this guy earlier in the day....then forgot about him. This was a little encore show around closing time. I think there were only 5 people in the audience. Afterwards he answered all of LB's questions about whipcracking. LOL I judge people on how they handle my kid. This guy's alright in my book.


There's ONE road in...and one road out of the Faire. So you can imagine how busy it was at closing time. We just hung out in the parking lot and farted off till most of the ppl were gone.

I stayed pretty much on budget. The only things I bought were a hair fork (As a pattern for Papa to make me more.) and a brown/black reversible corset. (I couldn't make one that suited me.) Renfairs are pretty cheap when I don't bring that beer drinker beloved husband of mine.

Kate also took us to church with her on Easter. I couldn't get over the Broadway quality production number they did. I did have some hard questions to answer on the ride home. They were VERY graphic with the whole beating/nailing Christ to the cross scene. It really upset Littlebear.

*Laugh* I've never been in a Mega Church. So the Television quality commercials updating the congregation really threw me for a loop. They even have a Starbucks. All in all though, I enjoyed the sermon and took away some good spiritual insights.

See you later, gator.

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