Saturday, February 2, 2008

LB Skull Hat

LB Skull Hat

Redheart SuperSaver Yarn

US Needle 10.5 body



We were hunting through the cold-weather bench Thrs. when LB declared that all the hats were “girly” or “Babyish.” And, as usual, I dropped everything to knit his heart’s desire.

He designed it himself. I went online and found a skull pattern. And in less than 12 hrs he had a hat. (Dumb@$$ me had to knit it twice because after I knit the ribbing in 6US needles, I forgot to start the body with the 10.5US ones.)

This is my first TRUE color-work project. I wove in the floats on the back so they wouldn’t snag on anything. It’s very tidy. The only regret is that when it’s stretched out, you see the carried yarn. I’m sure you wouldn’t see it if I floated them behind, but I’d rather have it tidy.

Woo-hoo! Two projects in a week.

I’m going to go cast on U. Dave’s next hat. *wink*

Love, Ang
PS On second thought, I better finish those darn socks (NewYear's resolution) *grunble grumble*

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Dina said...

Hey, what a cool skull hat!