Wednesday, November 21, 2007


01Nov-Made Helicopter with Pack (I've already blogged this)

08Nov-Painted Helicopter-Notice the Blur that is my son. He spilled water all over his blue shirt. That's why he's in a white shirt. LOL I'll be happy when they get their orange "Tiger Cubs" T-shirt. I cringe whenever they have to paint/cut while wearing the "good" one.

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15Nov-Scouting For Food-We distributed donation sacks. What's weird is that we went WAY, WAY north. Next year I think we're going to go door-to-door in our own neighborhood and get a lot more donations. We hung around15 bags and only picked up two.

Littlebear also earned his Bobcat badge on the 15th. He's the first boy in his pack to earn it. Everyone in Cubscouts has to earn this badge. Basically it's the Cubscout Oath, the handshake, the motto, the salute, and the Law of the pack. Then explain what each item means.

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17Nov-We picked up the Scouting for Food Donations.

So hopefully he'll be awarded it at the Nov29th meeting. I'll make sure to bring plenty of Kleenex and an empty photo card.
Love, Ang

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