Wednesday, September 19, 2007

School Pictures

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LOL GQ called....they want their pose back!

He looks so grown up in this picture. My scanner software isn't loaded, so I just took a snapshot of it. (that's why the quality is so low) I also cropped his "real" name out of the picture. That's why its cropped tight.

Jenny taught me to put the new picture in front of the old one...therefore you always have them together. What a riot!

I'm going to save them to send out with X-mas cards. I have a finite amount of card writing/sending energy and I need to horde it till Christmas. If you'd like yours sooner, email me and I'll drop it in the mail.

Love, Ang

1 comment:

Dina said...

What a cute photo of LB. Nugget missed her Picture Day :(