Monday, August 20, 2007

Mama's New Lariat

I liked that necklace so much that I had to make one of my own. As I was sorting through beads I remembered a Hematite bracelet that had snapped its string. (of course I saved the beads...duh!) So I found the box and it had these really neat Leopard Skin Jasper beads in it as well. Huzzzah!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Love, Ang

*Happydance* Now I have a new necklace/earring set to wear to my first Knit Night.


Dina said...

Love it! OK, this is nuts ... I want some beads, too. Do you buy your beads from that linked web site?

Angela :o) said...

Heck no, I get them at Michaels/Joanns....they're always running sales. I won't pay full price for a craft unless its the only way I can get it.

As for this's in a book called "Not your mama's beading" by Kate Shoup Welsh. She's got a ton of really cute projects.

Wish you were here, too. We'd get into so much trouble!
Love, Ang