Sunday, August 12, 2007

FlyLady Bandwagon....(again)'s that time again. I'm heading back on the FLYLady Bandwagon. For those that didn't live through my FLYLady Nazi-like period a few years ago....FLYLady is a way of breaking up housekeeping into little manageable bites.... So instead of getting overwhelmed cleaning the WHOLE GAWDARN house.....I can focus on little projects that add up.

I did not inherit my Mother's love of keeping a tidy house. I do love a spotless house, I'm just unable to maintain one. I swear you could eat off her floors. (Granted she only has two people in the house and one isn't a five six year old...but you get my meaning.) So I really struggle to keep my house decluttered and on top of the mess. My Sweetheart only works and cooks. So the rest of the house is my domain. And I'd rather craft than clean. Hence we have a problem.

I think my problem maintaining the system last time was that I got so darn cocky that I didn't actually follow the program. I was too busy organizing my FLYlady meetings and chatting online about it. So here I go again...Starting all over. Babysteps

I'll let you know how it goes......*smarmy look* Now, where's my timer?
Love, Ang

PS Ooops I forgot...We went out ATV riding on Sat. to the Flats by Hoover Dam. I actually spent most of my time on Papa's bike. (He bought another one off of Craigslist and keeps mentioning that It'd be great if I graduated to a bigger bike.) I'm getting a LITTLE more comfortable with gears. I even took it off the flats onto the trail with little whoops and turns. Gosh that thing is fast!!! I almost lost my seat by giving it too much gas. My only MAIN problem now is confidence on BIG hills....learning which gear to have it in....and kickstarting the darn thing. Papa says I have enough power in my kicks...just not enough "Snap" Whatever the hell that means. *laugh*

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Dina said...

I need to do that Fly Lady thing, but my attitude about picking up after an adult gets in the way. *SIGH*

Sounds like ATV riding is fun!