Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

I've always loved Friday the 13ths. Almost like I DARE them to be bad luck. (Yes, I do realize how weird that sounds...but this is coming from a girl who LOVES Halloween, Harry Potter, Gargoyles, LOTR, and Dragons)

That has nothing to do with what this post is about...I just though I'd share with you. Actually my post is about random pictures.

Lets get onto it...shall we?

Poor Patches doesn't make many blog posts. Her glowey eyes freak me I don't photograph her much. But here she is trying to beat the heat. You can see her little orange "heart" at the tip of her left paw. That bizzare shape to her right is a matchbox car. LB is really getting into his blocks and Cars nowadays. It looks like Car-tropolis in our living room. Poor kid hates summer. I will NOT go out into 106 temps just to watch him run at the park. He can wait till 6pm and swim in his own pool. Bad Mommy!

Speaking of indoor play: Here's "Sparky." Sparky is "Smokey's" little brother. (Yes...once again... I do realize how crazy I sound.) Sparky came to live with us about a week ago. (Smokey is the dogpersona that LB developed around 2yo. The REAL Smokey belongs to Grandpa A.)

My Father gave me a neat little tradtion. He planted a rosebush from my Grandmother's funeral and calls "her" Carol. So everytime he passes it, he remembers my Grandma. I've totally embraced this idea and have my Jeanne Geranium and now my Jenny Geranium.

The last picture is of my Jenny Geranium. When we were down at Vandenburg visiting with Jenny...I snitched a slip of this gorgeous geranium at Burger King. *embarassed grin* It's starting to bloom in water! I need to plant her, but I'll wait till her bloom fades. I want to enjoy it. I origionally took the picture on the shelf above my kitchen sink. (where she normally lives) But had a terrible glare from the outdoor light. So I moved her and Kwan-Yin to my table to photographer her. LOL ok, my photocard is empty...time to change the laundry. Love you! Ang

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Dina said...

I miss the 13th? I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on right.