Monday, March 9, 2009

Sugarland Concert

My Girlfriend asked me if I wanted to Roadtrip to Aviano and see a band called "Sugarland".

Well, to be honest, I hadn't heard of them. But a) I love Roadtrips, b) I love her, and c) I like country music.

Let me tell you...I had SO much fun!

I headed over to her house around 12 on Friday. (Got TOTALLY lost, of course) and we headed to Vicenza to pick up our boys after school. Got them and drove another 2 hours to Aviano. I didn't realize how very close we are to Venice. I could almost drive over there. I had it in my mindmap to be HOURS and HOURS away.

We had planned to have dinner there...then go see the concert. LUCKILY we drove by the hanger and saw about 40 people sitting out front and decided to forego dinner and get in line. (Mind you, this is two hours early)

Do I really need to tell you that I whipped out my knitting and had a blast for those two hours? I didn't think so.

We were SO close to the stage! My girlfriend and the boys went up...but I have people claustrophobia so I sat back and watched the coats/purses. (It has something to do with moshpits and a three day German concert...don't ask!)

I realized that I did know a few of their songs. But I definitely need to get their album. Their encore was "Love Shack" by the B52's. Lemme tell you, I rocked that out! (well, as rocked out as a heavyset, frumpy housewife can) *laugh*

Here are my pictures.

The boys TRYING to wait patiently.

There was a little girl that kept following the boys around. It's hard to believe that they're getting old enough for this type of thing.

Elizabeth and Me.

The opening act. Katie Rae Davis. She just turned 18.










Littlebear's First concert. I think it overwhelmed him. Next time I'll have to bring a set of earplugs. He's inherited my love of quiet spaces. HE'S not quiet..but he doesn't do well in loud places.


It was a long day! 5am to 1am for these guys.

It was the perfect day for a roadtrip! The Autostrada (I keep calling it the Autobahn) tolltakers were striking, so we drove most of the way up with no tolls. And ALL of the way home with no tolls.

Thanks Elizabeth for these pictures! I'm still waiting for Papabear to choose a camera for me. (LOL I refuse to carry around his 8lb one. It takes nice pictures...but is so impractical.)

Love, Ang

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