Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oh No! Mama's got her camera

Thank goodness I recharged the batteries!

I finally got pictures of Kung Fu. If you look'll see a short little blond boy. That's our boy. The instructors love him because he's so friendly and tries so hard.

Shrfu Lam 05Apr08

After Kung Fu, we went out to lunch and then over to the Library. I volunteered an hour of my time while Littlebear read/played on the computer. Then it was time to meet a local author. This guy is actually our local weather man. His wife is a grand puhbah in the education council here so they do alot of community relations. This is an adorable book. And he reads it so well. (PS the lady in the background is our Children's Librarian. LOL! I'm always picking her brain because I want to be her when I grow up!)

Kevin Janison - Deputy Dorkface (click link for book/author details)

Kevin Janison 05Apr08

This sight welcomed us when we came home. Our neighbor is such a wonderful guy...and his passion is cars. I guess he was having a party.

Car Show

OF COURSE our resident social butterfly had to go over there and talk to Mr Larry about the cars. And do you know what they did?? They put him in his favorite car!! How very gracious!

Car Show at home

LOL! Exciting times.
Love, Ang

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