Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Last Week

Well, I should tell you about last week (since I whined about it in that last post.)

I don't know if it's spring fever, but every day the teachers have a complaint against LB. Finally, I called the School counselor and asked for help. Basically she said I was doing what I should. She is also going to start up a "Making Good Choices" group for the first graders. I guess a large number of boys in 1st grade are having issues at school. *shrug* Whatever works.

Oh, and by the way. He's already lost that skull hat. I think he took it off at school and didn't put it in his pocket...and it walked away. I'm torn between feeling flattered that another kid wanted the hat enough to steal it....and just being pissed that all that work went to waste.


It's hard to blog about being grumpy and stressed out....when you're not anymore. So I'll just move on.

Today I was overcome with spring fever. So I brought in my baker's rack and cleaned it off. I love to garden, but in small bursts. And, with living in the desert, you really have to stay on top of watering/shading them. *LOL* So I've brought my garden inside this year.

LB and I are planting strawberries, sunflowers, and morning glories in pots. I also picked up some geraniums. At least I KNOW how to make them survive.

Right now I'm baking the dirt to kill the gnat eggs. Tomorrow I'll plant and take a picture of our garden. I'm also going to plant a tomato plant indoors too. I have so much sun in my bay window, I might as well use it.

That's all for today.
Love, Ang
PS It was 73 here today...nah nannny boo boo!!


saving-faith said...

sounds like a cheery garden to me :) and I sense a lot of enthusiasm in store for the blooms

Dina said...

Sorry to hear about the lost skull hat :(

I'm not a gardner, so I didn't know you had to bake soil. I'm thinking about doing hydroponics / terraponics, but all the web sites I visit for info ... are you know ... hemp-friendly. I didn't know that homegrowers use alternative gardening methods.