Friday, January 4, 2008

Yay! My Family Picnic is coming up!

June 21st 2008 SATURDAY Noon - 5 P.M.

I always think of these with bittersweet memories. I was always so "busy" to go to them when my Grandma was alive. What a waste and shame. They meant so much to her.

*shakes head*

Anyway I'm excited now to be going! They've changed it from Sept (Oh yeah, baby....Sept in Nebraska) to late June. Much easier for kids and chunky gals.

Speaking of Chunky gals....I'm not going to be one by then. This is a great opportunity to set goals for myself. I do NOT want anymore "chunky girl" pictures.

Moving on:


*Laugh* And I've worked/vacationed for most of these two weeks. "Santa" brought him a new X-box, so getting him to do ANYTHING else is like pulling teeth. But the x-box makes him hyper. *grin* Yes, I know who's let him play it all week.

Other than this, not much news this week.

Love, Ang

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