Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekly Base Touching that legal?

Not a darn thing happened this week. I'm still so behind the ball for Christmas. Next year I'm going to copy my Mother in law and shop all year. Hold me to this!!!

I'm still struggling with my cards too.

So, what's happening in your life? Email me and cheer me up.
Love, Ang

PS I did finish the knitting for my X-mas party. WHEW!!

We didn't get to the Wizard of Oz this week. On Thrs LB was in such a foul mood....we decided to go on Fri. Friday came and our friends invited us over for a X-mas Party (Kid Gift exchange) so we'll catch the next performance. *sigh again*

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Dina said...

LOL. I'm doing cards ... tonight. And I'll e-mail you ... life on my end has been a bit crazy! You'll get a good laugh (at least, I hope you do)!