Friday, November 2, 2007

Sox....Work...Love (Or is that Sex, Drugs and Rock??)

Whew! My last makeup blogpost.

1. I still love my job!!! I'm having so much fun finding out what I have in common with everyone. Today I found out that I have a Knitter at work!!!! *happydance* I am so wickedly excited to talk cables, needles, and fiber with a fellow yarn diva!!!

2. I have the greatest job. Where else can you read about boobies all day???

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3. Carrie, my cousin, has the second greatest job. She imports and sells these AWESOME socks. (Yeah, I found out that white sweatsocks and loafers look vile I got new socks) She even threw in a couple princess ones for me (I so have a weakness for princess socks. I kick off my shoe and tell Littlebear that he can't talk to me that way....."I'M A PRINCESS!!!!") LOL Go check her out at:

Love, Ang

PS Papabear is off with the guys this weekend...I am going to watch chick flicks till I can't see straight! Yay me!!!!


Jeanne said...

Glad the job - and the rest of your life, it sounds like - is going well. I'd kind of gotten in the habit of 'hearing' from you every few days, glad you're back on line.

Dina said...

Glad to hear everything is going well and that you found a fellow knitter! Yea!

Nothing wrong with a chick flick weekend!

Cool socks, BTW, I think I need a few pairs!