Friday, November 30, 2007

Achievement Week!

Lots of crazy things this week.

1. Thanksgiving was awesome! My tofurky rocked! Although I did get an upset tummy the next day. I think I had something with meat in it. My body doesn't like it anymore! But the company was wonderful and the pie.....oh the pie!

2. On Tues Littlebear had an assembly for first Trimester Awards. I can finally say that my son is on the Honor Roll! Actually he was on the A/B Honor Roll. What's keeping him from the actual "A" honor roll is the fact that he runs his mouth all day at school and fails to complete his assignments. LOL I guess we counterbalance each other. I KNOW he finishes/understands all his homework. It's just a matter of Focus. OH well, next semester we'll make it.

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3. His report card came on Wed. "A's" in Science, Social Studies, Specials (Music, humanities, PE) and "B's" in the important subjects:Reading, Writing, Math. He got Exceptionals on a few items- Music and Completes/Returns Homework on Time. It's that in-school homework that brings all those grades down. He brings home "A's" on his tests. (grrrrr so frustrating!)

Here's the teacher's comments:

Littlebear has a positive attitude and participates actively in class. LB is becoming a fluent and confident reader and is working at grade level in reading. He is doing well working with the Accelerated Reader program, which practices reading comprehension. In writing, LB is working on stretching and sounding out his words, using the word wall for support, and using capitals and punctuation in his writing. He is also encouraged to read over his writing to make sure it makes sense. With continued practice at school and at home LB's writing should improve. LB has a good understanding of patterns, and basic addition and subtraction facts and is working on checking his math for mistakes and listening to directions. LB often speaks out in class and can be distracting to other students. He has a hard time working independently without disturbing others and is often moved to a table where he can sit by himself. LB often has trouble completing his work in class and is easily distracted. He is working on staying focused, staying quiet, and completing assignments in a timely manner. With fewer distractions and more focus on his assignments, some of LB's grades should improve in the next trimester."

I'm so pleased with him. I had no idea he was going to be on the Honor Roll. LOL is it ok to have bumper stickers that say "My child made the honor roll" and "My child beat up your honor student" on the same vehicle??

4. On Thrs he went to his big pack meeting and recieved his Bobcat badge (First tiger to do it!!) and his "Scouting for food" badge. Sorry for the goofy pictures. 8pm at night is NOT a good time for everyone. I wish they were earlier.

The "Scouting for Food" badge is an achievement badge, so he can sew them onto a red vest or a blanket. I think we're going to go with the blanket idea. I'm going to get a section of red fleece and sew these around the border. That way I can display it later (and he won't outgrow the vest....LOL I can't keep him in clothes that fit.)

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Here he is getting his Bobcat badge

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He's putting a "Mother's Pin-Bobcat" on me. LOL I'm going to wear it on my jacket next to my Military spouse pin. (and yes....I cried through the whole thing. I was overwhelmed with pride)

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Wow, as for crafting. I haven't done much. I'm trying to finish the cuffs of a pair of socks. I've completed a few more of those multidirectional scarves...and a truckload of those dishcloths. I love the mindless knitting of them. I'm also working on something for my office x-mas party. (wink wink)

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That's all my busy news. See you next week.
Love, Ang

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Dina said...

Does LB get all the "talking" from Momma? LOL ;)

Congrats to LB all around!