Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

My Mom, Stepfather, and Sister came to visit this weekend. Littlebear was in HEAVEN!!! Grandma AND Aunt Kate!

On Friday, Papa took us on base for a tour. The Thunderbird museum was open so we went through that. What a cool experience! Then of course the BX, Clothing Sales (for T-shirts) and Lunch in the Food court. My Mother is very supportive of the military so she had fun. And my Stepdad loves planes, so he had a blast too. I did bring my camera, but spent all my time talking to Kate. Therefore, I have few pictures. My Mom was supposed to download all her pictures to my computer, but we ran out of time....she promised to send me a CD of them later. (I'll repost some when I get it) Also, I couldn't get my Mom to pose for pictures. Every time I tired, she told me she wasn't "ready" for pictures. So know that I didn't intentionally leave her out. *laugh*

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Day 2 we went to the Hoover Dam. WOW! I've driven over it a few times, but never had the chance to stop. Richard, Kate and I walked across it. (That was just so cool to look straight down) After we got back to the foodcourt, Grandma and LB were ready to leave so we didn't get to go through the tour. (I'll hit that with Kate and Papabear later. I didn't want to fight about it at the time. A cranky 6 yr old and a tour don't mix)

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My sister is so cool! She has no shame acting the fool for my camera! It seems every time she comes I learn a lesson....the lesson this time was "If you don't ask for the things you want, you don't get them." I'm always too shy to ask for things I want, so this is a much needed lesson. LOL I even asked for a military discount on Sunday and got into Red Rock Canyon (Scenic Drive) for free. As Kate says; "All they can tell you is NO....and you wouldn't have had it anyway."

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Here's a picture of us in the middle of the Dam. Richard is on the Arizona side, I'm on the Nevada side...and Kate couldn't decide. I'm a little upset that I didn't a picture of all of us here. *shrug* oh well.

Anyway, that's the only really good pictures I have on the camera. (Papa had to work Sat and Sun so I don't have any of him)

I go in for my orientation today. I'll post about that later.
Love you!

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Dina said...

Whew! What a weekend! I never got the tour at Hoover Dam :(

I do remember tossing a penny out the window every time we drove to Vegas from Tucson. Did you get to see the HUGE catfish on the AZ side?